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On the Occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, the Department of NSS & Cultural organised a ‘Cleanliness campaign’ on Oct.3rd 2022.At the beginning of the program, the image of Mahatma Gandhi was worshiped by the Principal of the college, Prof.Mangesh Takpire. On this occasion, NSS Program officer Dr.Ashok Kamble gave an introduction speech. Principal Hon.Mangesh Takpire also guided the students about the work of Mahatma Gandhi. Prof.Durga Dagade expressed his gratitude by giving an outline of the cleanness campaign. After this program, the students of the college participated in a cleanness campaign and cleaned the entire premises of the college. This programme was organised under the guidance of the Academic director Dr.Hemant Bhise and principal Prof.Mangesh Takpire. Around 37 students were present for this program. NSS Head Dr. Ashok Kamble and Cultural Head Prof.Durga Dagade were the coordinators of the program.