Online Dnynoday Upakram



Elocution competition was conducted under “Online Dnynoday Upakram” on 18th January 2022. Students were asked to pick a topic. The topics in the competition are varied. Every participant was given precisely 5 minutes to talk on the selected topic. Nine students enthusiastically participated in the competition. It was indeed astounding to see how beautifully students had put their thoughts, insights and delivered the speech which was fluent, erudite, and articulate while being unscripted. The parameter for the judgment was content, fluency, confidence, and presentation. The finalists displayed oratory skill with zeal and enthusiasm. The competition had culminated with a few words of encouragement by judges and Managing Director Dr. Bhushan Sir, principal Dr. Puroshattam Wadje Sir. Coordinators of the Competition were Dr. Ashok Kamble and Asst. Prof. Anand Alkondwar, and Asst. Prof. Durga Dagade.

Dr. Ashok Kamble Dr. Purushottam Wadje Asst.Prof. Anand Alkondwar
(Programe Coordinators)  (Principal) (Programe Coordinators)
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