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Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) is established in Academic Year 2016-17.


  • To create comfort and safe environment to women employee and girl students.
  • To create an atmosphere promoting equality and gender justice.
  • To develop a policy against sexual harassment of women at the Institute.
  • To orient all employees about women’s act and awareness about respect to women’s personality.
  • To take necessary action according to the nature and severity of the behavior reported.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To manage psychological attitude and behaviour.
  • To respect the confidentiality and privacy of individuals reporting and care will be taken to see that complainants do not face any discrimination during the process of enquiry.
  • To plan and carry out programmes for gender sensitization through workshops, seminars and Guest Lectures.
  • The mechanism for registering complaints should be safe, accessible and sensitive.
  • To orient about mechanism and functioning of ICC.
  • To provide legal service to women.
  • To check Suggestion/Complaint box twice in a month for complaints.
  • In case of a false complaint a penalty will be levied on the complainant.

The Process for Complaint and Inquiry

  • A complainant should give a written complaint either in person or through suggestion/Complaint Box.
  • On receipt of the complaint the ICC will proceed to make an inquiry. The inquiry will be completed within 90 days. And the inquiry report will be submitted within 10 days from the date of completion of the inquiry.
  • If the ICC finds that the allegations against the respondent are proven, it will submit a report to the Principal and Deputy Collector to take necessary action.
  • The college management will act on the recommendations of ICC within 30 days of the submission of the inquiry report.

Frequency of meeting: Twice in a year and as and when necessary.

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