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Core Values of Institute

Institute always follows following core values

  1. Honesty: Institute always promotes Honesty and encourages staff or students to put or Express their feelings and opinions accurately, by implementing this we get ample scope for improvisation.
  2. Hard work: Institution permeates and appreciates the value of hard work. Institution believes that hard work increases the probability of serendipity.
  3. Scientific Temperament: Institution is committed to implementation of Scientific Temperament for any aspect of implementation. Students and staff are encouraged to have Discussion, argument and analysis on important topic to generate Innovative ideas among them. Institution always believes that scientific temperament has the capacity to change previous conclusions in the face of new findings.
  4. Dedication: Institute always acknowledges, appreciates and encourages dedication of/among the staff and students.
  5. Punctuality: Institution promotes punctuation in deliverables. May it be syllabus completion, any Institutional or academic task etc!
  6. Neatness: Institution put constant efforts to set good example when it comes to neatness in college by spreading awareness among the staff and students.
  7. Social Inclusion and Responsibility: Institute emphasis on Equity and Social Inclusion. We are committed to the welfare of society and inculcate in our students the desire to be of service to the community.
  8. Emotional Integrity: Institution encourages respect to one’s feeling while functioning to maintain Emotional Integrity.
  9. Productivity: Institution believes to give in first place to gain in long term. Classrooms are well-equipped with ICT to have better knowledge delivery, Staffroom with computer and campus infrastructure with Wifi and Library with latest knowledge resource to increase overall productivity of the staff and students.