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Code of Conduct




  • The student must observe and strictly follow the disciplinary rules and regulations of the Institute.
  • The student should follow the academic calendar as per the instructions of Head of the Department.
  • Any act of indiscipline or misbehavior by any student will attract severe punishment.
  • Damage to Institute & campus property due to negligence/lack of care would attract punishment and compensation for loss caused.
  • Students shall only use the waste bins for disposing waste materials in classrooms and offices to make the college campus free from plastic and other litter.
  • Students are prohibited from indulging in anti-institutional, anti-national, antisocial, communal, immoral or political expressions and activities within the Campus and hostels.
  • Disciplinary action will be initiated against students indulging into eve teasing, molestation, ragging, harassment, bullying and untoward incidents.
  • All Educational tours or Industrial visits shall be accompanied by the faculty members after obtaining necessary undertaking from the Parents, Guardian of the students’ and with the written consent of the management
  • Unauthorized entry of outsiders into the campus is strictly prohibited. Without specific permission of the authorities, students shall not bring outsiders to the College.
  • Any case of criminal activity or violation of law and order in the College Campus will be reported to the police.
  • Every student must carry college I-card every day while entering college premises, while attending lectures and appearing for various examinations. 
  • The student should take his/ her Identity Card and Library Card for Home Lending, from the Library at the beginning of the year.
    The details required for the ID Cards should be submitted on time to avoid further delay.
  • Student should provide correct details for the ID Cards. (Specially care should be taken while mentioning the blood group, Emergency Contact no and Address)
  • The student should collect his / her I- Card within 5 days from the date disbursal notice.
  • The student should carry identity card with him / her regularly and the identity card should be produced when demanded by the authorized persons of the Institute.
  • At the time of issuing a book, the Identity Card must be presented along with the Library card. Without I- Card the reader may be refused the use of the Home Lending facility.
  • If student has lost library card or I-card, it should be reported immediately to the coordinator with an application.
  • Student will be charged in case of reissuing the lost ID Card.
  • Be scrupulously honest in all academic activities and with all the stakeholders of the institute.
  • Be attentive, fair and cooperative to your teachers and peers on various academic and non-academic activities.
  • Believe in loving, sharing and caring.
  • The student should switch off their mobile phones while in the classroom, Laboratory, Library etc.
  • Mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the exam hall during the examination. Loss or theft of mobiles, modern means of communications, valuables and other belongings are at students’ risk.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN AGAINST STUDENTS INDULGING AND ABETTING IN Ragging as per the Directions of Hon’ble Supreme court of India.

 MAHARASHTRA  ACT  NO.  XXXIII  OF  1999,  THE  MAHARASHTRA  PROHIBITION  OF RAGGING ACT, 1999. (As modified up to the 29th August 2012)

  • Cancellation of admission and also debarred from taking admission in any institution in India.
  • Suspension from attending classes.
  • Withholding/Withdrawing scholarship / fellowship and other benefits.
  • Debarring from appearing in any test/examination or other evaluation process.
  • Withholding results.
  • Debarred from representing the institution in any regional, national or international meet, tournament, youth festival etc.
  • Suspension / expulsion from the institution.
  • Collective punishment if larger numbers of students are involved in the act of ragging.
  • An FIR filed without any exception with local police station
  • Student should be regular in attendance for all sessions during the day.
  • Student should have at least 75% attendance in the Lectures in every subject as per university rule to be eligible for appearing the examination
  • If the student is found irregular in attendance, disciplinary action will be taken, The student coming late shall not be allowed to enter the class.
  • The student must report about the sickness to the Institute.
  • On no account will students be allowed to remain absent for any mid-semester, term- end examination conducted by the Institute or continuous assessment conducted by faculty in class. The student will be entirely responsible for such absence. This may be detrimental to the overall performance and results of the student.
  • The student should complete the entire Practical and Term work such as Journals, Assignments and Projects
  • Candidates must appear at the examination hall 20 mins before the commencement of the examination.
  • Mobile phone and electronic watch/device is strictly prohibited in the exam hall during the examination. Mobile or any electronics device if seized by any authority (Invigilator, Supervisor, External Sr. Supervisor, SPPU flying Squad) of Savitribai Phule Pune University, it will not be returned in any circumstance.
  • Candidates should not communicate, transfer and pass on any cheating / copy / writing material to one another in any manner during the examination.
  • Borrowing of any material like pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener etc. is strictly prohibited during the examination.
  • A candidate is permitted to bring the following items to an exam: pen, pencil, and, if specifically permitted, non-programmable calculators. All equipment’s brought to the examination must be placed on the candidate’s desk and kept in view during the examination.
  • All students should follow the rules of university ordinance No. 257 dated on 5th October 2017 published by university examination department.
  • Loud/impolite talk/use of abusive language which offends the listener would be dealt with serious action.
  • Expected to spend their free time in the Library/Reading Room.
  • Students are instructed to follow the information and guidelines given by the project guide from time to time and make the timely submission of their projects completed in all respect.



  • All staff of the Institute is responsible for protecting and taking reasonable steps to prevent the theft or misuse of, or damage to Institute assets including all kinds of physical assets, movable and immovable property.
  • All the staff Members should follow the rules and regulations of the Institution as prevalent from time to time.
  • All staff shall devote their time and their best efforts for the progress of the Institute.
  • Staff should contribute to the vision, mission and goals of Institute through engagement of working hours.
  • Staff must be punctual, sincere and regular in their approach.
  • Staff must attend all functions of the college as assigned or instructions by class coordinators and Head of the respective departments.
  • Staff must refrain from any form of harassment or unlawful discrimination based on existing legislative requirements relating to:
    • gender/sexuality/age/marital/caste/race status
    • pregnancy or likelihood of pregnancy
    • physical features, disability or impairment (physical disability or medical status)
  • Staff should work in cooperation and collaborative manner with others through academic and administrative activities to achieve Institutional goals.
  • Every staff should maintain the confidentiality regarding the College’s affairs and the affairs of its constituents and should not to divulge, directly or indirectly, any information of confidential nature either to a member of the public or of the College’s staff, unless compelled to do so by a judicial or other authority or unless instructed to do so by a superior officer in the discharge of his/her duties.
  • The Faculty Member should show no partiality to any segment / individual student.


  • Staff shall get leaves as per the leave policy of Arihant Education Foundation.



  • The Faculty Member should report to the college sharp at commencement of college timing.
  • Once the subject is allotted the staff should prepare lecture wise lesson plan.
  • The work plan/Teaching plan of teaching staff should be ready before the beginning of regular classed of semester.
  • The Staff should get the lesson plan and course file – approved by HOD and Principal. The course file should be maintained as per the prescribed format.
  • The Faculty must ensure, in the most productive manner, with regard to the roles, jobs and targets assigned to them by the Head of Department/ Institution/ Coordinator/ Committee.
  • Self Involvement of staff in every assigned activity, task or committee is must.
  • Faculty member should follow the hierarchy for reporting activities, issues, suggestions, demands etc.
  • Faculty should obey the Deadline given for the tasks.
  • Syllabus should be completed within given time span.
  • The activities of the Faculty should be in sync with the Academic Calendar.
  • Faculty shall strictly conduct the lectures as per the timetable.
  • Clashes of lectures if any should be immediately resolved from the time table department.
  • It is the responsibility of the faculty to engage the students or to adjust the lecture with other faculty in their absentee for any reasons.
  • Mobile usages should be kept to minimum in college and should strictly avoid during Invigilation.
  • Lastly Faculty is highly expected to be part of solution of problem than rather to be part of problem.


  •  Whenever a Faculty Member who intends to take leave, should get the leave sanctioned in advance and with proper alternate arrangements made for class / lab / invigilation. In case of emergency, the HOD and Principal must be informed with appropriate alternate arrangements suggested.


  • Faculty should conduct internal exams as per the schedule mentioned in the Academic Calendar.
  • Paper checking should be done as per the guidance and within the deadline given by the Internal CAP Director under the policy/guideline of Savitribai Phule Pune University.
  • The Staff should not involve himself/herself in any unethical practice while doing continuous assessment.
  • Faculty shall maintain all the necessary record of Internal as well as External marks Evaluation.
  • The Faculty Member must strive to prepare him/ her academically to meet all the challenges and requirements in the methodology of teaching so that the input may be useful for the student community at large.
  • The staff should get the feedback from students and act / adjust the teaching appropriately.
  • The staff should interact with the Head of the departments or student counselor and inform him / her about the habitual absentees, slow learning and any objectionable behavior of the student.
  • Every Faculty Member should maintain academic record book of the assigned subject.


  • The staff should engage the full 45 minutes lecture and should not leave the class early.
  • The staff shall use “Information Communication Technology (ICT)” for effective
  • delivery of lectures.
  • The staff should encourage students asking doubts / questions.
  • The staff should take care of slow learner students and pay special attention to their needs in remedial coaching classes.
  • The staff should motivate the students and bring out the creativity / originality in the students and should make him/her available for doubt clearance.
  • Every teaching staff demonstrate a high standard in teaching and learning by:
    • engaging students in their learning
    • working to achieve high level outcomes for all students maintaining records to manage, monitor, assess and improve student learning
    • using research and student achievement data to inform professional practice
    • engaging in reflective practice and developing their professional knowledge and teaching skills
    • supporting the personal and professional development of others
    • providing constructive feedback to colleagues that is considered positively and become helpful for further growth and development
    • assisting in developing and mentoring less experienced staff members
    • accepting responsibility for their own professional learning and development


  • The staff should involve themselves in the preparation of experimental/software setup and upgrade the laboratory.
  • The staff should involve themselves in demonstration device/programs and their working, for better and improved interaction with students.


  • Invigilator should report 30 minutes early in the Exam Department to collect exam material then immediately have to go to directed/assigned block.
  • Invigilator of exam should arrive 20 minutes before the commencement of the exam.
  • Invigilator shall check hall-tickets as well as their ID proof of the candidates in the exam hall.
  • They must instruct students as they enter the exam room to leave any unauthorized aids (backpacks, study notes, textbooks, mobile, electronic gadgets, smart watch etc.) outside the examination hall and if necessary check for the same during exam.
  • Implementing the exam rules and regulations and remaining vigilant throughout the examination duration.
  • Faculties should be assisting the candidates before, during and after the examination by directing them to their seats, advising them about possessions permitted at examination venues and dealing with queries raised by candidates etc.
  • Invigilating carefully, making sure that candidates do not talk inside examination venues and also responding to any examination irregularities immediately.
  • Checking attendance during examinations, notifying exam department of any late arrivals and ensuring that proper seating plans are followed.
  • Politely escorting candidate outside examination hall when detecting any unauthorized materials inside the examination hall along with candidate.
  • Delivering and collecting scripts carefully at the start and end of the examination in accordance with strict examination procedures.
  • Assisting with the packing of examination scripts, stationery and other equipment from the examination hall/venue.
  • Supervising candidates in leaving the examination venues in a quiet and disciplined manner and ensuring that candidates do not remove equipment or stationery from the examination venue without the permission of the authority.
  • Faculty shall not use mobile phones nor will they carry any textbook, book or any work material in the examination hall.
  • If any candidate is creating chaos should be reported to exam department. Not in any case Invigilator will engage himself /herself in the argument and such cases should be handled with utter care.
  • Mistake in report filling or any other should be conveyed to exam department immediately.
  • Distribution of question paper should be done according to pattern opted by candidate and with utter precaution to avoid any further complications.
  • For optional paper Invigilator are supposed to check hall-ticket of the candidate to verify the question paper to distribute.
  • Invigilator should strictly avoid standing at door/outside the door and communication with other invigilator of other block.
  • Masking of the answer-sheets should be done 30 minutes before the end of the exam for particular paper.
  • He/she should fill report with utter precaution and same should be checked 20 minutes before the end of the exam.
  • No Invigilator will leave the exam department until paper is seals for the respective block.


  • All the staff members are required to submit their Self Evaluation Report at the end of every term of the academic year in the prescribed format to their Head of the Department.
  • Faculty Members are expected to update their knowledge by attending seminars/workshops/conference, after obtaining necessary permission from the Head of the Department and Principal.
  • In addition to the teaching, the Faculty Member should take additional responsibilities as assigned by HOD / Principal in academic, co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.
  • Faculty Members should attempt to publish research papers and articles in reputed International / Indian Journals, Magazines and Periodicals. Further they should also author and coauthor textbooks as per changing curriculum.


  • The work load (teaching and departmental) of all the staff should be fixed by the Head of the department.
  • The Head of the Department should be responsible for academic planning and academic audit of the department and implementation of academic policies approved by the Principal.
  • The teaching load should be allotted by the HOD after taking into account of the Faculty Member’s interests/choices.
  • The Head of the Department should arrange the weekly meetings of the staff to appraise the progress of academic and administrative work.
  • The Head of the Department should encourage Faculty Members to update their knowledge by attending seminars/workshops/conference.
  • The Head of the Department should encourage Faculty Members to author text books and publish research papers in reputed International / Indian Journals / Conferences.
  • The Head of the Department should arrange for feedback responses from the students, and the parents on quality-related department processes.
  • The Head of the Department should write confidential report for all staff members of his/her department and submit it to the Principal.
  • Head of the department should take decisions regarding the leave, outside duties, extra duties of the faculties in the department.
  • HOD should distribute extra duties to staff according to the skills they have.
  • HOD shall be responsible for the overall development of own staff of the department.
  • HOD shall involve every staff and align their activities to achieve Institute goal and objectives.
  • HOD shall yearly revolve the tasks of the department making sure that no one is left out of getting experience in it.
  • HOD must give clear guidance regarding conducting the practical/unit test/term end exam and ensure the same has been followed by the staff.


    • Class Coordinator shall maintain the report of all the lecture of all the week for all the subjects, exams conducted and activities for the class.
    • Class Coordinator shall maintain proper list of student of the class and is responsible to distribute teaching plan/attendance book along with student list pasted on it to respective subject faculty of the class.
    • He/ She shall twice in a month i.e. after every 15days; check status of syllabus from every faculty of the respective class and report the same to HOD if proper prescribed format.
    • Class Coordinator shall collect the feedbacks of all the subjects for every semester/academic year and submit the same to HOD.
    • In case of staff’s emergency leave he/she shall do the adjustment of lecture and same
    • should be informed to HOD.
    • Coordinator shall compulsory fill daily Lecture report and submit it to HOD.
    • If found; any staff have not taken lecture for the day shall be questioned by the respective coordinator and same should be informed to HOD.
    • He/ She shall identify slow learners, advanced learners and normal students from the respective class and should structure the courses (Bridge, Certificate, Add-On etc.) accordingly for the students.
    • They shall maintain the record of the courses offered to the students during the Semester/Academic year.
    • Coordinator shall encourage students to participate in more and more activities conducted by the Institute/College or by other Institutes/Colleges.
    • They shall call parent meeting twice in the semester and maintain the record for the same and shall collect the feedback Institute/College from the parents.
    • Any changes in syllabus, curriculum should be conveyed to the faculties and students.