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Policy Document on Environment and Energy Usage

The Environment and Energy usage Policy of Arihant Education Foundation’s, Arihant College of Arts, Commerce, & Science, Bavdhan BK, Pune-21 is to manage energy in such a systematic way so as to minimize its impact on the environment. The policy implies to explore the renewable energy resources to reduce the burden of the government and to find out substitute natural resources as solutions to the energy crisis.

This environment and energy policy is binding for all the components of the institution and to the various activities undertaken by the institution. It will help us to embed efficiency and environmental awareness into our everyday activities, thus helping us to realize our responsibilities and commitment to conservation of natural resources and to limit its usage.   

The policy is to the promote of awareness on the protection of the environment, to minimize energy usage, increase green literacy, and to take up green campus initiatives

  • Limit the depletion of natural resources.
  • To explore alternatives to the use of natural resources.
  • To focus on renewable resources of energy.
  • To use LED lighting systems to reduce energy usage.
  • To have pedestrian-friendly pathways.
  • To develop an efficient waste management system.
  • To tap rain water by constructing rainwater harvesting system.
  • To harness solar energy.
  • Plantation programs in the campus and beyond the campus.
  • To reduce noise levels in the college so as to create a peaceful environment for learning.
  • To train our students and staff to become efficient in matters of energy usage and Environment protection.
  • To create awareness in the student about efficient energy usage, environment
  • Protection and sustainable development.