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Maintenance Policy and Procedure

The institution has defined policies and procedures for the maintenance of physical, academic and support facilities their utilization. We have a well defined system and staff for this purpose. The maintenance department is vigilant about the requirements of maintenance of all facilities in order to ensure optimum utilization and financial resources allocated for maintenance. Timely requisitions for repair and maintenance works. Heads of all the departments prepare requisitions for repair works and it is processed properly which will be later on sent to the in-charge of repair and maintenance. The requisite sanction is given by the Principal and the repair works is undertaken by the required technicians. The financial provision is made and proper approval is taken by the management committee and a payment for the same is made. The maintenance in-charge looks after whether the available resources are optimally used according to the priority. The institution has Annual Maintenance Contracts for elevators, generators, water cooler and intercom.

Maintenance Policy and Procedure

  1. Utilization of laboratories:
  • Students are allowed to make appropriate use of the respective laboratories under the guidance of their faculties.
  • Class wise computer laboratory schedules are followed as per timetable. New requirements are processed through the practical in-charge of respective class.
  • The Network administrator maintains and does the updations required in computer laboratory.
  • Laboratories are made available to students from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Continuous allocation of different batches to laboratories is scheduled according to the lecture timings.
  • Lectures and practical sessions are arranged in such a way that the students should not waste their time. The students are allowed to use laboratories for extra hours if the laboratories are free.
      1. Utilization of Library
      • Students are allowed to use library for their regular studies and reference work.
      • The teaching staff and administrative staff can use the library facilities.
      • Faculty can use the library for their reference work.
      • Library has its own website, and is installed with freeware E-Granthalaya with the OPAC.
      • Library is available for students and staff between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on all working days.
      • The students can get two books issued for home lending on the library cards provided to them. They are also allowed to get one book issued on their identity card while they are using the reading hall facility.
      • The library provides support services to the students and staff members in various ways.

                  Services given by library staff are in the following ways:

      1. Orientation for entry-level students.
      2. Question Papers
      3. Syllabi
      4. Maintenance of newspaper clipping files.
      5. Handling of periodicals, institutional membership subscriptions.
      6. E-books and e-Journals
  1. Sports complex:

The institution has indoor sports facilities like Table Tennis, Badminton, chess and carom etc. and Outdoor games facilities such as volleyball, throw Ball, Basketball, Dodge ball.

The institute organizes the outdoor games activities such as cricket, Kabaddi & Athletics in Bavdhan Grampanchayat Ground nearby college.

  1. Utilization of Classrooms:

Classrooms are allotted as per the student strength. Lectures and practical are regularly monitored. Maintenance of the classrooms is monitored by the maintenance department and accordingly maintenance work is get done.